My name is Sarah.  I’m the proud mother of the most beautiful little boy.  His Name is Brecken.  Brecken was only with us for a short 3 weeks, but he has literally touched the lives of THOUSANDS from all over the country with his story.  He has accomplished more in his 3 weeks of life than what most people do in an entire lifetime.

I look up to him for that ❤

I currently live in Appleton with my amazing Fiance’, Torry.

We cannot wait for the day we give Brecken a sibling.

brecken - 058

Photo Credit: Polka Dot Umbrella Photography


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  1. http://missingliam.com/ is a blog about an Australian mother and the loss of her little boy, Liam. One of the things she talks about is how much it helped her to connect with people in similar situations. I hope I can help you by sharing this with you, the same way that she hopes to help other women by sharing her story xx

    • Thank you Nat for the link. I’ll be sure to check out the blog. I have found, so far, that reading other’s similar stories and connecting with those parents has helped to a certain extent.

  2. Sarah, I just read your words about your beautiful son Brecken and his birth and his death. I am so, very sorry for everything that you endured, and are enduring. You are a very brave and courageous mother.

    I am the site creator of http://www.stillbirthday.com, a safe place that holds our stories and photos, as well as resources and support, and in particular to the dynamics of planned out-of-hospital birth. Please, if ever you’d like to connect, know that you can. My email is heidi.faith@stillbirthday.com.

    While planning an out-of-hospital birth, that results in loss, is a small demographic, you aren’t alone. There may be many feelings you may be sorting through – blame, guilt – all of it, and many feelings that others, including your loved ones, may have. Please, please, brave Sarah, do be gentle on yourself. Please be encouraged that all of these feelings are “normal” and that in time, in love, in grace, you can move beyond any or all of these feelings into a place of simply healing. You can. I will carry you in my thoughts and prayers, that you will.

    Your Sister in Mourning,
    Heidi Faith

  3. Hi Sarah… First thank you for sharing your grief… My daughter passed away 7 years ago but somedays it feels like yesterday. In your blog, you mentioned a facebook page that Children’s Hospital has? Would you mind sharing that? Thank you so much! And I am so sorry for your loss… Brecken is so lucky to have you as his mom!

    • Hi Amie, I’ll be glad to point you in the direction of the group, but I have to ask a question first, because the page admin is adamant about who gets to be a part of the group. Did your daughter go to the CHW for treatment? The admin only allows parents who’s child was a patient at the hospital. It’s not an open grief group for anyone who lost a child. It’s all CHW related. Does that make sense? Let me know and I’ll help you out =)

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