You Are Appreciated

I’ve focused some of my

blogs on the negative people Torry and I

had to deal with in the last few months.   I don’t think it’s fair

to single attention out on them without dedicating a post on the fantastic people

who have stood by our side and held us up when we couldn’t even hold ourselves up.

I have the greatest appreciation instilled in my heart from the many generous, loving,

caring people.  The outpour of love and help we received is beyond anything we could have


Everyday I am in awe of what

has been done for us.  I am constantly thinking of ways to

give my big heartfelt thanks to everyone who has shared a kind word, a

sweet little care package, flowers, cards, gifts etc.  Believe it or not, it was actually kind of nice

to have something positive to look forward to in the mail in our time of sorrow.  They were all always

day brighteners and spirit lifters.

Everyone still sends their love and

tells me how much Brecken has impacted their lives.

A part of me just wishes, though, that he didn’t have to impact everyone

in the way it had to happen.  Tragedies bring people closer together and distances others

even further apart and I’m sure there is some weird, mad, and crazy reason this had happened.

In the mean time, though, I can be extra appreciative of everyone who has stood by our side

and supported us while we made the hardest decision any parent has to make in their lives regarding

their child.

To everyone who has private messaged us, 

wrote on our walls, shared our photos, shared our story, prayed for us,

sent their love, sent flowers, packages, cards, monetary gifts, donated to us,

shares images or quotes that makes you think of us and to everyone else who has touched our

lives in our greatest time of need…..we THANK YOU so so much from the bottom

of our hearts.  We wish we could do something more for everyone because I feel like a “Thank you”

just isn’t even enough to cover how thankful we are.  Just know that we carry your love in our hearts

every single day.

We were sent several bouquets of flowers

when Brecken came home and while we were at the Children’s Hospital.

They were BEAUTIFUL when they all bloomed.  My kitchen table was taken over.

Unfortunately, I never tended to any of them while they were in my care.  So they eventually wilted 

and faded in color.  But one day I looked at them and saw that even though they were dead, they were still beautiful

because they still held on to some of their color, naturally.  I decided to turn it into a little art piece and clipped the

heads of all the flowers.  I washed the several vases we had and chose one to put all of the flower heads in.  I think

it’s beautiful and I love how it gives off an antique feel.  It’s another way to keep everyone and our little

boy with us in our everyday lives.  Everyday I look at this vase I think of you all and then I think of Brecken

and that makes me happy.



*Remember, you can click on my photos to see them bigger* 


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