My ‘lil peanut’s on the wall <3

I finally got some

prints done of Brecken.  On top of the awesome

free mug offer from, they also offered me 101 free

4×6 prints.  I printed all of his professional photos and a few from my maternity



some of my frames in the house can

have Brecken’s sweet face peeping through.  Thanks

to a brilliant idea from my friend Courtney, I have a beautiful display

of some of the memorabilia we have of Brecken. Prior to her suggestion, I didn’t know what to do with everything

because I didn’t want it to look like a shrine.

Torry’s brother and sister-in-law

got us a frame to have one hand print and one foot print on it with his name at the top.

Then I received the coolest picture frame ever from my friend, Lindsay.  And then we have Brecken’s

hand print molds created by the funeral home.  The hardest part was figuring out what picture I wanted

in that elephant frame.  Once I figured it all out, I found the spot on the wall where I wanted it

and put it all together.  I LOVE looking at it everyday.  I love being able to go into one of 3 rooms in our home and

seeing his picture instead of having to pull them up on my computer.  There’s just something different about

having the physical picture in my presence.

When we can afford it, I’ll be

getting canvas prints done of our family photos and creating a wall

display of those.

*P.S.  Incase some of you didn’t know, you can click on the individual pictures to view them bigger*

Big View of Wall Decor

I screwed up stamping his name 

and it ended up being off-center and slanting downwards.

Oh well. Nothing I can do about it now lol.

Handprint_Footprint Frame

Amazing elephant frame from Lindsay =)

Elephant Frame

And, of course, you all remember his handprints =) 

Molded handprints

Main Wall Art


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