Wanna play a game of Nighttime/Daytime with me?

I realize that all

of my posts so far have been shadowed by sadness and

covered in grief.  All rightly and naturally so for everything Torry and I have gone through in the last

nearly 7 weeks.  This pain is not going away.  I recognize that.  I still have to fully accept it though.  Each

day that passes it becomes a little easier.  The tears have lessened.  Smiling has become a little less painful and

laughter has become something to enjoy without so much guilt.

Torry and I have been coping

to the best that we can with each other.  The day after Brecken passed

I remember telling Torry how I felt like I wanted to watch a crap ton of funny movies and have some wine.

Maybe some junk food too.  I didn’t want to mope and watch drama’s where you have opportunity to cry.  I wanted

funny movies to help take my mind away from the pain for a little bit.  Torry just beamed!  He was like “Oh my gosh

YES!  This is what I want too!  I was just afraid you wouldn’t be up for the idea!”  Since I was still in no mood to be

going anywhere, Torry took off on his own to the video store and then the grocery store.  He came back with about 5-7

comedies, several bottles of wine, and plenty of just trash food to go along with it.  Stuff that didn’t need any

preparation to it.  We had no energy to be making meals at this point.  Just unwrap, pre-heat and go.

I swear I couldn’t have found a more perfect man to be at my side.

We think so much alike, it’s scary.

Among the funny movies and such that get us through our days, we find plenty of other funnies

that provide plenty of chuckles.  Recently, Torry pulled up a youtube.com video that I had shown him months ago.

My FAVORITE part of it is the very beginning with the nighttime, daytime bird.  I always laugh hysterically.  I even,

on occasion, will randomly just bust out in an impersonation of that clip.  I can’t EVER finish doing it

without laughing so hard. So, while sitting there watching it on Torry’s computer, I started throwing the blanket

over my head and saying (in the Nighttime/Daytime birds voice)  “Night tiiiime…” then I’d quickly pull the blanket off

and pop up and say: “DAY

TIMEEEEEEEEEE!”  Torry  raises his eyebrows and always gives me the “You are a freaking dork and are you freaking

serious?” face whenever

I do this.  After a few times doing it, Torry decided to pull out his phone to record me.

He really did it.  And he really posted it on youtube.com.

Here, I provide you the short clip of my Nighttime/Daytime impersonation.

I’d throw on a pair of depends if you got ’em because you’ll pee your pants, I’m sure of it.  At least I do.

I’m also providing the original video this all stemmed from for some more laughs for you to enjoy. =)

I just wanted everyone to know that even though there’s still plenty of heartache and troubling times, we do make it

through the days with some joy and laughter.

All in doses.

Me doing Nighttime/Daytime

Original Video



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